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A Fresh Approach To Fundraising

Raise Hundreds Of Dollars For Your Team.

Without the hard sell of the same old ideas, frustration from lack of volunteers or spending lots of time for little reward.

"Best Fundraiser Ever! We raised over $1000 and the whole team got a free poster. Everyone got behind it and it was really easy." 

Pay Nothing Up Front 
Earn Money From Each Sale

Give your supporters and players a momento they will love.

  • Control how much money you raise
  • Earn free posters
  • Pay nothing upfront
  • Raise money off every poster sale
  • The more you sell the more you can earn off each poster 
Control How Much Money You Raise
Set your own sell price that works for you.
We suggest $15 or $20 per poster but it really is up to you.

What You Can Raise
A sell price of $15 per poster
  • sell 25 posters raise $125
  • sell 50 posters raise $375  
  • sell 75 posters raise $625 
  • sell 100 posters raise $900 
A sell price of $20 per poster
  • sell 25 posters raise $250
  • sell 50 posters raise $625 
  • sell 75 Posters raise $1025 
  • sell 100 Posters raise $1400 
Earn Free Posters
  • sell 50 posters get 10 FREE
  • sell 75 posters get 20 FREE
  • sell 100 posters get 30 FREE
You can sell these posters or give them to your sponsors or the team. Either way a great incentive to get lots of sales. 

Pay Nothing Upfront
We provide you with a digital version of the poster first. We invoice you once you have collected the money and placed your order for printed posters

Raise Money Off Every Poster Sale
Each poster earns you money, no targets you must hit. 

The More You Sell, The More You Earn Off Each Poster
Unlock the following poster price points that we charge you
  • 0 to 25 posters $10 per poster 
  • 25 to 75 posters $5 per poster
  • 75 plus posters $4 per poster

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