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About Champion Display

Pride. Passion.

Two words that resonate with all sports fans.

Champion Display was designed and developed for people to be able to show their passion and their pride.

I had been collecting sports jerseys and memorabilia for years, with the plan of one day it will go on display. When I could finally get my jersey collection up on the wall. My excitement soon turned to disappointment when the cost of framing ran into the thousands very quickly.

I started looking for alternatives and found, well, basically nothing that looked any good.

The more I talked to others the more I realized that everyday sports fans were missing out. People wanted to display their jerseys, they just had no realistic way of doing so.

This realization lead me to  believe that jersey display needed to be re invented.

 I wanted something that was affordable, great quality and looked amazing.
The sketches on paper became prototypes, a few tweaks here and there and with some help from like minded kiwis. Champion Display was soon a reality.
I like to think Champion Display has delivered a truly revolutionary display system that will change how sports fans display their pride and passion.
I hope you think so too.
Wayne Hughes
Founder Champion Display