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About Champion Display


I believe that every kid should play team sport.

But clubs are struggling. 
Post Covid 19 the game has changed and so must you. 

Reinvention is needed, and Reinvention is the driving force behind Champion Display. 

By challenging the status quo with fresh thinking and new ideas.
We have now created a range of innovative products enabling sports fans to display their passion and pride, that can also generate income for your team or organisation.

Team Posters and Personalised Cards

Customised posters just like the pro sports teams have, but now it is a team or individual at your local club starring in their own professional poster.

A very special memento kids of all ages love.

From a club team fundraising to a professional sports franchise.
We can help you develop and generate new income streams.
By offering unique products that your players, supporters, sponsors and fans will love.

Together we can help build sustainable clubs.


Wayne Hughes
Founder Champion Display