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Jersey Display FAQ'S

How Easy Is It To Put Champion Display Together?

Install Champion Display In Four Easy Steps

  • Screw the pro sleeves onto the torso (optional)
  • Screw the torso to the bracket
  • Attach bracket to wall,
  • Put your jersey on the torso

How Do I Wall Mount Champion Display?

Very easy!

Champion Display comes with all the screws and rawl plugs required. So you    can screw into a wall stud or any plaster wall using the rawl plugs and screws.

Don't want holes in the wall? No problem!

Champion display can be attached to a wall using 3M Strips. 

If I Choose To Use 3M Strips, What 3M Strips Do I Need?

Grab yourself a pack of Command 3M Picture Hanging Strips, 4 sets of Large    Strips. The 4 sets of large strips fit nicely on the back of the bracket and will        hold up to 7.2kg. Champion display is less than 3kg total weight. (excluding        jersey weight)

How Easy Is It To Change The Jersey On Display?

Follow simple the instructions provided but it really is as easy as you would put  on your own jersey. One "arm" in at a time and pulling over and down.

What Size Jersey Can I Put On My Champion Display Unit?

Most Medium, Large and X Large jerseys will fit onto Champion Display.

See the Dimensions of Champion Display to get a more accurate answer for      your specific jersey. Because Jersey sizes vary from different manufacturers    and era's. 



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