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The Easiest Fundraiser Ever

Imagine a club fundraiser where 90% of club members do nothing...and the 10% not much....

Discover the COOLEST, QUICKEST and EASIEST fundraiser. 

Club Fundraising
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Supporters Poster Fundraiser

Got A Tournament?
Or Overseas Trip?

Sell additional posters to your supporters to raise money

If teams purchase a team poster package at standard pricing (you will still receive the 15% club discount) we will produce a digital version of the poster first.
Team members can then show and sell copies of the poster to friends and family for $15 or $20 (whatever you can get away with really).
Champion Display will then invoice additional posters at $5 each up to 50 prints. For 50 prints or more the cost per poster will be $4.
If there was 20 people in a team and they all sold 5 posters each at $15 each.That is $1100 raised.
Once all orders have been collected Champion Display will then invoice the club/team and then print the required copies and send the posters to the club. Individual team members will then be able to distribute the posters they sold.

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