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Taking The Best Photo

Equipment to use - You can use one of the latest smartphones, the cameras are pretty awesome these days. Make sure you select the highest quality image possible. If using an iPhone please select HDR mode. A DLSR camera is a great option also.

The better quality image you provide to us the better your poster will be.

Where possible apply the following for portrait, group shots and staged shots. (see what we mean by a stage shot further down)

1. Daylight – Please take the picture outside in normal daylight.

2. Sunlight  Take the photo with the sun behind you. If the sun is behind you, the person/people in your photo will be illuminated from the front, ensuring that your subject is evenly and well lit. If it is too bright outside. Keep sunlight away from the face/faces of the person/people you are taking the picture of. A nice shaded area will work fine rather than then facing the sun squinting or having part of their face/faces in the shade.

3. Background – If you can keep the background as clear as possible for portrait and staged shots. A wall (not the colour of their kit!) works great. The busier the picture (stuff going on in the background) the harder it becomes to create a great poster.

Types of Photos

1 Portrait photos - As it sounds get your subject or subjects to pose for you. Get creative! You are no longer limited to a standard team line up photo of 2 or 3 rows. Stand in a V, stand with arms linked. Get individuals to stand in a variety of positions as a group. The options are limitless.

2 Action Shots - Take lots of photos during a game. These photos are often the best posters we make. Subjects are natural and have their game face on! They can be tricky to get without the right camera equipment, but don't worry you can always stage a shot instead.

3 Staged Shots - Finding it hard to get the perfect in game action shot? Create a staged shot instead. Set your camera phone or camera to burst shot (it takes lots of photos at once). Get your subject to run past you, swing the bat, kick the ball or whatever action your sport requires. Another option is to get the subject to hold an action pose. Either way have some fun and we are sure you can get a great shot that will make a great poster.