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Team Poster FAQ's

Can We Really Do Anything?

Yes absolutely! Just tell us what you have in mind and we will do it for you. There may be a small extra design fee depending on what you want done.

What Size Poster Is Best?

We recommend A3 posters because Posters have a lot more going on. Cool backgrounds, big team names and logos. A3 size fits everything in nicely and is easy to see everything.

What Type Of Logo Do We Need?

The original logo. Talk to your committee members  or sponsors to get an original version that was by the designers who made the logo. Ideally a png file with no background. Most images just downloaded of google are not of print quality.

How Do We Take The Photo?

Check out our handy tips for a great photo page here 

Do We Take Individual Photos Or A Group Photo?

Definitely take a group photo. Adding a bunch of individual photos together never really looks good. Same goes for  trying to add an individual photo of someone who wasn't in the original photo to the group photo.

What Photo Do We Need To Give You?

The original version in the largest size possible. Don't reduce the image size in anyway.

What Happens If Our Photo or Logo Is Bad Quality?

We will let you know if anything is not suitable for printing. Our design team will know straight away if the images or logos are good for printing.

Do We Get To See Our Poster Before It's Printed?

Yes. We send a proof to be approved. You have unlimited and free revisions. We won't print until you are are 100% happy.


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